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Holiday gift shopping feels especially meaningful this year with experts encouraging everyone to stay home instead of going abroad. If you’re not able to see loved ones in person, you can show them you care with a thoughtful gift (and perhaps a Skype or FaceTime gathering). Not sure what to buy? We curated some of our favorite Christmas gifts (and Hanukkah gifts, and nondenominational winter-solstice gifts) for your mom, dad, the man in your life, the stoner (or CBD-curious person) in your life, and your work colleagues. Check back as we’ll be updating it regularly with more suggestions for everyone else our list.

What to Give Mom

Yes, you’d love to see her but if that’s not possible, a thoughtful present coupled with a long FaceTime session is a solid backup plan. Did she pick up indoor gardening during the pandemic? Or maybe she’s gotten into baking? Perhaps she just wants something fancy and pretty. Whatever it may be, here are are few highlights while the full list is here.

What to Give Literally Any Man in Your Life

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone you’ve only been dating a short time or for over a decade, or seeking the ideal present for your dad who claims he doesn’t want anything, we got you covered. From a cozy beanie to a fancy tie to a high-quality speaker from Amazon, there’s something he’ll love. And if you need more ideas, here’s the full list.

For your Pets

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