The possibility of a robot servant circumventing your home and reliably cleaning your floors and rugs seems like an extravagance—a neatnik’s fantasy inaccessible. Nowadays, however, it’s most certainly not. Throughout the years, robotized floor cleaners, otherwise known as robot vacuums, have gotten reasonable for the normal individual. Indeed, brand name models like the iRobot i7+ can be really expensive, however there are extraordinary qualities to be discovered there too.

These are the best moderate reviews on robot vacuum we tried positioned, all together:


The iLife A4s isn’t the most sophiticated robot vacuum on the market, but it delivers solid performance for a great price. It’s also smaller and has longer battery life than msot competiroe, which lasted about 100 minutes in cleaning. But many other models are quieter, better at navigating across raised flooring, and has less trouble finding its way back to the charging dock, making it a better choice for most people. Really though, it’s a matter of what features suit your home best. Also keep in mind, if you’re willing to expand your budget, the Roomba 690 gets you more advanced features like app control and Amazon Alexa compatibility, so you can start cleaning from your phone or with voice commands.

#2 Robot Vaccum Cleaner Generic

Don’t let the fade design deceive you, this generic brand will do the job, but you won’t get any of the features the ILIFE can give you. If you need to sweep the floor, that’s all you’ll get for this Robot vacuum. The big PRO for this one is the price. Under $70 is a deal you won’t regret. If you have a cat or a dog this Robot will clean their hair. It will easily avoid obstacles, but it ‘ll have some issues in the corner. but for this price, that’s already amazing.

#3 Neatsvor X500 robot vaccu,

In a way, it’s an upgrade. 3-in-1 the Neatsvor will sweep your floor whatever you throw at him: dry or wet. It charge in about 2 hours, with more than 70 minutes of autonomy. You also get all the evoluted features you can have with the ILIFE.

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    Robot vacuum cleaner product is excellent and innovative idea. and good features and specification and good price so i am like this product. and suggestion for all.

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