How do I cancel an order?

You can cancel an order within 8 hours of placing it. To cancel an order, please go to your Order History or send an email to with your order number.

Is my transaction Safe ?

Our encryption help keeps your online transactions guarded from start to finish.paypal


We promise your money back if the item you received is not as described, or if your item is not delivered within the Buyer Protection period.

How can I view my order history?

From a non-mobile device, log into your account.
Go to your profile name at the top-left of the page, and click on Order History.

How do I place an order?

Click on the desired product.
Select a size/color, if applicable.
Click the add to cart button.
Repeat steps for each item you’d like to purchase.
When you’re ready to place your order, go to your cart or check out menu.
Review and verify your shipping address and payment method by clicking on Edit.
Review and confirm the items in your cart.
If you have a promo code you want to use, enter it to apply it to the order.
Click Checkout under Order Summary on the right side of the page.

What is Goodreview’s refund policy?

Goodreviews offers a 15 day return and/or refund policy on all orders.

How do I return an item?

All items may be returned within 15 days of delivery.
To return an item, please contact Goodreviews Customer Support by email: Please note that we may not cover return shipping costs for all orders. 

What forms of payment does Goodreviews accept?

Please note that the list of available payment methods will change depending on the country you reside in and/or the device you’re using to access Goodreviews. All payments are made in CAD dollars.
In most countries, Goodreviews accepts the following payment methods:
Google Wallet (Android Pay)
Major credit cards—Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.

How do I track an order?

Locate the item in your Order History and click Order Details and then Item Details to view the item’s estimated date of arrival and tracking history.

How long will shipping take?

Shipping times vary based on the products supplier.

To view estimated delivery times for your orders, please visit your Order History and view the estimated delivery time for each item.
You can track a package’s delivery progress on the Item Details page.

What is Goodreview’s delivery policy?

Once an order is placed, you’ll receive an order confirmation to your account registered email. This email will outline the estimated processing time for your order. Orders typically take up to 7 days to be processed and shipped.
Once each item in your order is shipped, you’ll receive a shipment notification to your account registered email. This email will provide you with the estimated delivery time for your item. This range will depend on your location and the location of the store.
You can also view these various date ranges under your Order History. 
If you don’t receive your item by the maximum estimated delivery date or the item arrives and there’s an issue, please contact support through the Item Details page in your Order History.
You can place your request for a return or a refund within 30 days of delivery date. For non-deliveries, you can place your refund request within 60 days of the maximum estimated date of delivery.
In any case, contact with your order number for more details.