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Faced with the many questions regarding the purchase of a drone that visitors to our site ask us, we have decided to provide you with a complete buying guide allowing you to answer a certain number of questions raised by the purchase of We have separated this guide into several sections that will allow you to choose the right drone for you based on your needs. What type of drones are you interested in?

The best drones with HD camera

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Type : Drone pliable 4K

Speed: 65 km / h

Camera: 4K 20 mpx

Autonomy: 31 min

Range: 8 km

Video feedback: yes

Parrot Anafi

Type : Drone pliable 4K

Speed: 53 km / h

Camera: 4K 21 mpx

Autonomy: 25 min

Range: 2.5 km

Video feedback: yes

mavic air drone

DJI Mavic Air

Type : Mini drone 4K

Speed: 25 km / h

Camera: 4K

Autonomy: 21 min

Range: 1 km

Video feedback: yes

Drones with radio control

Drones with radio control are generally more difficult to control than drones piloted by smartphone because they have less on-board electronics and therefore less handling features such as assisted take-off or the ability to perform figures by pressing a button. single button. These drones with radio control are however particularly interesting for making your first purchase of a drone on  a low budget.

The point of buying this kind of expensive radio controlled drone is that you can learn how to handle a drone without being afraid of destroying it by mishandling it. This will allow you to practice passing obstacles, performing aerobatic figures and mastering your drone before investing in a more high-end drone with a high definition camera and a control capacity of more than 2 kilometers for example!

The important points before buying a radio controlled drone

You must of course pay attention to various points so as not to go wrong when buying your drone:

  • The control range of the drone (it varies from 30 to 100 meters for drones controlled by remote control)
  • The weight and power of the batteries is an important element because it will tell you more about the autonomy of your drone (from 5 to 20 minutes)
  • The functions of the drones, some radio controlled drones have more functions such as being able to perform acrobatic figures by pressing a simple button on your remote control!

Drones with camera controllable via smartphone

The drones that are piloted with a smartphone are really great to use because they are easy to handle and are packed with on-board electronics that allow them to be taken in hand by everyone, even by children because they have a large number of functions that assist you during the flight! For example, take-off is childishly simple because all you need to do is press a button for the drone camera to take off and stabilize at 1 meter from the ground while waiting for your next instructions!

Buying a drone controlled by smartphone or tablet is the easiest solution because you don’t have to learn how to fly it, it just happens! Performing a loop to impress your friends is all the easier since it is enough to press a simple button to watch your drone perform complex acrobatic figures! Drones with smartphones have many features integrated directly into the smartphone application, such as flying over an area in 3D, recording a route, the features of automatic tracking of the person holding the tablet and much more. Moreover !

The purchase of a drone controlled by smartphone is not necessarily more expensive because it costs between 80 $ and 150 $ which remains very affordable for the quality and performance of such devices!

Drones with high definition camera with smartphone / controller

Drones with high definition camera are higher priced drones but which provide a large number of advantages in terms of the camera and shots! Indeed a drone equipped with a high definition camera will give an exceptional image rendering in shooting or video. The HD type cameras on board drones vary from a resolution of 5MP up to 20Megapixel up to video qualities in 4K UHD! Of course if you want to buy a drone of this type you will have to pay the price and look at Parrot with the Bebop2 or at DJI with the Phantom 4. These drones are the best of the best of what is being done today and have very important flight capacities with almost 30 minutes of autonomy and top speeds of up to 100km / h!

However with this kind of drone it is strongly recommended to fly it using a controller in radio frequency mode because if you simply use the control option via wifi you will quickly be limited with the maximum distance of 200 meters while with the radio frequency you can fly your drone over 2 kilometers!

What are the criteria for comparing drones before buying

First of all and in order to carry out a precise comparison on drones, you will have to define your budget because it is the price of the drone that will decide its quality and the features that you will be able to find!

We can categorize drones into 3 price categories:

  • From 50 to 300 $
  • From 300 to 1000 $
  • From 1000 to 10,000 $

Comparison of drones under 300 $

A drone for less than 300 € is a basic drone with features such as taking pictures with a basic video camera, a reduced autonomy that can range from 7 to 10 minutes but it is still a good budget to start in the world of the drone because with a low-end drone we still have the sensations of piloting for a cheap price.

There are still drones around 200 $ that offer live video feedback which is very appreciable for this price (eg the Hubsan + ).

Comparison of drones under 1000 $

With a budget of 1000 $ to buy your drone you already have a lot more choice and thanks to a little more high-end drones, you will benefit from a large number of advantages and more attractive features than the others. !

For 1000 $ you must make a comparison of the autonomy of the drone (between 20 and 40 minutes), the flight speed (from 50km / h to 100km / h), maximum range (from 300 meters to 7 kilometers), as well as various functions related to piloting (control mode on the joystick), automatic return, GPS chip, programmable route, etc.

The best drones under 1000 $:

  • E100 Professional GPS Drone with Dual Steadycam
  • Hubsan Zino Pro GPS Drone with Camera 4K

Comparison of drones over 1000 $

In terms of drones over 1000 $ you go into the ” professional  ” category  and what will probably interest you the most will be in the weight that the drone will be able to lift in order to be able to place your own 4K video camera there. RAW, and also the types of gimbals and gimbals that you can use with being able to orient the camera and take extraordinary shots while having extremely reliable stability!

Warning : In all cases and whatever your budget, it is important that you buy a drone that weighs less than 800 grams because otherwise you would be out of law and you would not have the right to fly it without a special authorization issued. b

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