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I’m always on the hunt for new anime to watch. Some of my favorites include Death Note, Code Geas, Demon Slayer, and Attack on Titan. If you know anything about anime, you know they are pretty dark and punchy characters. I tried to find things a little lighter, and I never knew what to think of My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia). I had heard of it before, but it was when my colleague at college brought it up that I thought it had to be worth watching.

So I did.

And it was well worth it.

Let me start off by saying that I know the superhero genre is oversaturated right now. The basic premise of it is that most people have powers, or “Quirks” as they call them, and therefore becoming a superhero is a real career path in this world. Our hero is Izuku Midoriya, nicknamed Deku, and he wants to be a hero more than anything. His hero is All Might, a man with super strength like no other and the best hero in the business, the hero who saves people with a smile on his face. Deku is the cutest child in the world. He has All Might posters and figures, he’s super nice to everyone, and his determination to be a hero is infectious. You really bond within the first five minutes of meeting him. What kicks off his journey to becoming a hero is when he goes to the doctor and it is revealed that Deku is one of the few people in the world who does not quirk. There is nothing special about him that he could use to become a hero.

This is the part of the show where I really invested myself. The writers do a great job of showing important emotional scenes to get to the heart of the story in a 30 minute episode.

Deku, sitting at his computer watching videos of All Might, as he did at the start of the episode. Instead of smiling with his sparkling eyes as he enthusiastically grips his figurine, Deku sits this time in the dark as he asks his tearful mother, “May I … be a hero too?” ” This scene is incredibly famous to anyone who has seen the show, and for good reason. Little Deku looks so cute, and seeing him sad while trying to force a smile and be optimistic melts your heart. He was subsequently bullied and then bullied in middle school for trying to get into the most prestigious hero high school, UA High School.

Boku no Hero Academia

The majority of the season is about Deku adjusting to a potential hero life. One of the highlights is the mentoring relationship that develops between him and the famous All Might himself once the hero becomes a professor at UA. After Deku is saved by the iconic hero, he refuses to let him go until he asks him if he can also be a hero despite Quirk’s absence. To balance the emotion of the scene, it’s suddenly revealed that All Might isn’t always his super-muscular, smiling self. He dissolves into an emaciated version of himself after just three hours in his hero form due to a serious injury years ago. It’s really funny, as he will randomly spit blood out of his mouth when Deku tries to be serious with him. All Might’s muscular form is also hilarious throughout the series. They play this overly heroic music every time he appears, and he always laughs when everyone around him is just confused or crazy. He is also very supportive, he is basically the father of all the students

At first, All Might hesitates and tells Deku to give up. However, this is followed by another powerful scene where Deku rushes to fight a villain who has captured one of his classmates. What makes it so amazing is that Deku acts when even professional heroes don’t want to fight this giant slime monster wreaking havoc on the streets. Additionally, the classmate Deku tries to save is Bakugo, his main antagonist at school. He admires Bakugo even though Bakugo is a raging human being who wants nothing more than to absolutely crush Deku’s dreams. This convinces All Might to train Deku and give him a piece of his super strong Quirk (while eating a piece of his hair, kinda weird, I know).

Final thought on My Hero Academia

What makes My Hero Academia work so well is the way it balances humor and emotion. Bakugo is one of the best characters he works with, shocking. While Bakugo’s rage in Deku is potent and leads to some intense fight scenes, they can use that same rage as comic relief in some instances. When he fights Deku in their training class he’s really scary and really wants to hurt him or maybe even kill him.

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